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Alotta ins, alotta outs, alotta what-have-yous.

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13 October
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Tampax, Charmin, Summer’s Eve and Preparation H commercials make me really uncomfortable. I obsessively paint my fingernails, pick it off and do it again. I have a huge crush on Anderson Cooper. I cope with retail therapy. Whenever I’m in an adverse mood, I shop. I’m kinda cynical. Kinda a lot. Nearly every romantic bone in my body has been broken. I’m extremely talented- I can touch my nose with my tongue. My favorite color is pink and so is nearly everything I own. My trust has to be earned. I take a lot of pictures because it was always an excuse to be a wallflower. I love John Waters movies. I’m classy when I need to be. I swear a lot. When I’m depressed I listen to happy music like it’s going to superimpose my mood. If I’m ever crying, Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc.” is probably in the background. I’m a simple girl who sometimes just wants to feel pretty. Christopher Walken rules my world. I name drop to get discounts. I have mad road rage. Most of the contents of my ipod are guilty pleasure songs. Grammatical and mechanical errors drive me insane. When I kiss someone while standing, I always lift my foot. I crave power. My dream would be to write for Bust magazine. I pretty much rule.

Social capital

  • less than 10